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July 2024 Utah Motor Events

July is a bit slower, as some organizers take a summer break from motorsport, but there’s still a lot going on in Utah.

Playin’ In the Dirt: Utah Region RallyCross

I just got to spend an amazing Saturday with Utah Region RallyCross drivers. They’re possibly the most laid-back group of motorsport participants I’ve encountered. Don’t let the chill demeanor fool you though. When the helmets are on it’s game on! And, let’s be honest, sliding around corners while throwing a dusty rooster-tail just looks like a ton of fun! 

Update: UMC Amateur Track Days

Amateur Track Day at Utah Motorsports Campus is a fantastic way to push your car near its limits at bargain prices.

Your Street Bike In the Fast Lane: APEXtrackdays

There are plenty of opportunities for street bike riders in Utah and surrounding states to get their motorcycles on a world-class race track. “APEXtrackdays” was born 20 years ago from the passion of riders who hoped to make quality track time affordable and within reach. Today they’re still going strong.

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