Car Shows in Utah

Most towns have plenty of jaw-dropping vehicles squirreled away in private garages. Fortunately, car shows pop up all over Utah during the warmer months, drawing these amazing machines out of hiding. And who doesn’t like seeing antiques, classics, and exotics that most of us only dream of owning? 

June 2023, Utah Motor Events

June 2023 motorsports & automotive events for Utah and the surrounding area. Notes:  (1) Please email if you are aware of a Utah (or surrounding area) automotive or motorsports event that should be added to this list. (2) and are good sources of detailed information on car shows, cruises, and related events. (3) Acronyms: DMS = […]

Exotics at the Gateway: Utah Supercars

The 4th annual Utah supercar show, Exotics at the Gateway, took place at Salt Lake City’s Gateway Plaza on Saturday evening, April 8th. As first time attendees, we were awed by the cars and the crowd.  In addition to a slew of Porsche 911s—they’re popular because they’re good—the Lamborghini bull, the McLaren kiwi crest, and […]