Championship Rock Crawling

The W.E. Rock rock crawling championship series blew into Utah’s Three Peaks Recreation Area on April 27 and 28. A cold front—dumping plenty of rain—also blew in. Precipitation had slowed to a drizzle by Saturday morning. Still, the rocks and dirt forming the already-hellish courses were now soaked, making for a grueling first day.

Car Shows in Utah

Most towns have plenty of jaw-dropping vehicles squirreled away in private garages. Fortunately, car shows pop up all over Utah during the warmer months, drawing these amazing machines out of hiding. And who doesn’t like seeing antiques, classics, and exotics that most of us only dream of owning? 

REV Performance Track Day Event

Utah drivers wanting to push their skills and their cars to another level may not need to travel to a professional racing school to do so. Fortunately, a school is coming to us. 

Renowned motorsports instructor Mike McGovern is hosting a private “REV Performance Track Day Event” at Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) on Saturday, May 4th. REV promises an adrenaline-filled opportunity to learn advanced techniques under McGovern’s guidance.