Championship Rock Crawling

The W.E. Rock rock crawling championship series blew into Utah’s Three Peaks Recreation Area on April 27 and 28. A cold front—dumping plenty of rain—also blew in. Precipitation had slowed to a drizzle by Saturday morning. Still, the rocks and dirt forming the already-hellish courses were now soaked, making for a grueling first day.

REV Performance Track Day Event

Utah drivers wanting to push their skills and their cars to another level may not need to travel to a professional racing school to do so. Fortunately, a school is coming to us. 

Renowned motorsports instructor Mike McGovern is hosting a private “REV Performance Track Day Event” at Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) on Saturday, May 4th. REV promises an adrenaline-filled opportunity to learn advanced techniques under McGovern’s guidance.